Nature Park Resort

A model for cooperation for small-scale tourist accommodations

There are several small-scale tourist accommodations as well as a large number of rarely used second or weekend homes in the Nature Park. Some of these previously identified vacant homes in the Nature Park communities have an increased potential of becoming a part of this project. While there is a high demand for authentic, individual and inexpensive accommodations, the hosts entail a wide range of challenges (such as catering or online marketing). Therefore, this project focuses on making ends meet by installing a so-called “Nature Park Resort” that brings resources and managerial skills together. It creates a regional interface which facilitates the management of guests who stay overnight without changing the structure of ownership. This brings the village back to life and makes it more attractive while creating added value for the region. All in all, the Nature & Geopark benefits from the fact that the beds already existing are managed professionally, while guests benefit from a professional and thorough service.

Supported by the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism, the State of Styria and the European Union (LEADER).

Logoleiste Regionen

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