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Rules of conduct in the Nature and Geopark

The nature and geopark Steirische Eisenwurzen is a protected area for the preservation of valuable ecosystems. If you keep the habitat of animals and plants clean, you keep your own habitat clean. Because you are part of these ecosystems.

This is how harmonious coexistence succeeds:

  • Respectful interaction.
    Avoid noise and keep your distance from wild animals and farm animals.
  • Do not take anything with you.
    Animals, plants, mushrooms, stones and fossils belong here and should stay where they are.
  • Respect property.
    Huts, meadows, forests and alpine pastures are owned by farmers and foresters. By obeying signs, markers and trails, you respect this property. By closing alpine gates you help to preserve the unique cultural landscape.
  • Leash dogs.
    Dogs are also a human influence. Therefore, your four-legged friend must be on a leash.
    Marked paths. Markings along the hiking trails ensure your orientation and protect areas that should not be entered.
  • Consider restricted areas.
    Some areas may be temporarily closed due to hunting and forestry work. Obey prohibition signs and do not enter these areas.
  • Fire hazard.
    Open fire can cause wildfires. Only use designated campfire sites and grilling facilities.
    Do not drive on forest roads. Non-public roads (including forest roads) and paths may not be driven on without a written driving permit.
  • Caravan parking.
    Camping is only allowed on designated campsites.
  • Keep a good night’s rest.
    You should not be out in nature at night. This is especially true for the forest. For the protection of wildlife and your own safety, walks and hikes should not take place between dusk and dawn.
  • No trash.
    Cigarette butts, handkerchiefs, snack paper, food leftovers, bottles and packaging material may not be disposed of in nature. Any rubbish must be packed up and thrown into a bin.
  • Follow instructions.
    If you receive a request from members of the Styrian mountain and nature rescue service or from forest protection agencies, you must obey it.

Rules of conduct on the Salza

The common sandpiper is a rare bird that lives and breeds on the banks of the Salza. Especially the gravel banks along the mountain river are a highly sensitive habitat. By visiting the banks and doing water sports on the Salza, you too can make a valuable contribution to the preservation of this very rare breeding bird species. Particular caution is required in the period between mid-April and the end of July: Eggs and juveniles are so well camouflaged that you can very easily overlook them – with fatal consequences.

Do active conservation and

  • stick to the specified entry and exit points for water sports enthusiasts.
  • avoid entering the islands and gravel banks.
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