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Austrian Nature Parks

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The Austrian Nature Parks have recognized their opportunities and want to use them through increased cooperation in a joint umbrella organization. Therefore, in the autumn of 1995, the existing nature parks merged to form the Association of Austrian Nature Parks (VNÖ). The aim of the association is a qualitative further development of the nature parks and the implementation of joint marketing projects.

The Austrian Nature Parks are characterized by the following common characteristics:

  • Consent of all affected communities; only then will the title “nature park” be awarded
  • Mostly free access – nature parks are open to everyone
  • Protected areas: at least under landscape protection, partly under nature protection
  • Special natural features: large variety of species and richness of form
  • Volunteer work: Individuals, initiatives, associations are involved on a voluntary basis
  • Depending on how they came about, the Austrian nature parks differ in terms of their size – ranging from 20 to 70,000 hectares – and their human and financial resources
  • There are currently 48 nature parks in Austria

Further information can also be found on the homepage of Association of Austrian Nature Parks.

Naturparke Steiermark

Landscape full of life

Seven Nature Parks counts Styria:

  • Almenland,
  • Mürzer Oberland,
  • Pöllauer Tal,
  • Styrian Eisenwurzen,
  • Sölktäler,
  • Southern Styria and
  • Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen.

They represent characteristic and ecologically valuable cultivated landscapes such as species-rich vineyards, alpine pastures, forested pond and river areas or orchard hill landscapes and have committed themselves to the conscious coexistence of man and nature.

The Styrian state government has placed it under special protection and awarded it the predicate “Nature Park”.

Further information can be found on the homepage of the Naturparke Steiermark and in the following folder.
Your companion through the seven Styrian nature parks: Nature works!

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