Flora and fauna

Nature as beautiful and diverse as hardly anywhere else


The high number of endemic plants, i.e. plant species that occur in one region of the world exclusively, is a special trait of the North-eastern Limestone Alps. The

Idyllic alpine pastures

As a part of the cultural landscape of mountain farming, the Nature Park’s alpine pastures are wonderful destinations for day hikes. Historically speaking, the scope of alpine [...]


The Styrian Eisenwurzen Nature & Geopark impresses nature lovers with rare orchid species. Due to its extraordinary appearance, this highly developed and [...]

Rock and scree flora

The most natural nuances can be detected in the alpine region of the Nature Park. The landscape is marked by a mix of crevice vegetation, scree plant communities, alpine [...]

Valley meadows and pastures

Cultivated landscapes and idyllic villages are the typical features of the valleys here. In these areas, the main features of the landscape are meadows with pastures, traditional [...]

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