Haus der Hoamatlegenden

This accommodation presents you the highlights and history of the region within 2 apartments and 2 rooms. Your stay will be legendary. Try out the different room themes which are hidden within the building:

a) The first rafter in Europe

Turquoise blue water, paradisaical gorges and picturesque rock formations, in this room you almost feel like being in a raft. Better still, here it sits more comfortably and it showers warmer.

b) The University of Mountaineering

Every explorer needs his base. In this vacation apartment you can plan your next tour in a very comfortable way. The stove provides the necessary light in the eyes, the practically mounted climbing ropes and carabiners provide the necessary tension.

c) The last hammer master of the Eisenwurzen

Here the fire burns the hottest. When the fireplace flickers and crackles, when the dinner smells and the red wine breathes, then I know I am at home. A vacation apartment full of ore and heart.

d) The forest

If it were not so tempting outside, you could almost put down your roots in here.   If you look out of the window, you can see beautiful mixed forests decorated by the turquoise-blue Salza and Enns water. A room to take a deep breath.

2 double rooms for 2 persons each
including separate bathroom, towels, bedclothes, TV and mini bar. Availability is given also for the apartment kitchens and outdoor area.

2 apartments for 4 persons each
All apartments are equipped with bathroom, towels, TV and bedclothes. Also the kitchen is fully-equipped with coffee machine, fridge, water heater or oven.

The outdoor area offers you a sun deck with barbecue possibilities. Parking in front of the house. The restaurant Hoamat is just a short 5 min walk away.

Großreifling 36, 8931 Landl

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