Geopark Destinations

Ganser Grotto

As you hike along the Gasteiger loop trail in Moosland, it takes only a few steps to get to the Ganser grotto. It was once used for carving millstones and ashlar blocks for door frames out of the [...]

GeoPfad – GeoDorf Gams

The GeoPfad (“path”) is a mostly easy walk which takes you to 15 things to see and learn on 3 kilometres.


Experience earth’s history in a rafting boat aka “Travel through time, do sports and explore Salza valley”.

GeoRama – GeoDorf Gams

The GeoRama (Citizen Service Point, Gams 145) is the ideal place to start a geological voyage of discovery in the region. Experience the tropical seas, the formation of the Alps and the Ice Age [...]

GeoWerkstatt – GeoDorf Gams

At the GeoWerkstatt (“workshop”) near Parkbad Gams, learning by doing is the name of the game. Supported by professionals, visitors can collect and uncover fossils. In addition to this, you get [...]

Köhlerzentrum Hieflau with special exhibition

The nearly 400-year history of charring wood on the Hieflauer-Lend is documented by a life-size walk-in charcoal kiln, a partial reconstruction of the Ennstrift rake, a water wheel to drive the [...]

Kraus Cave – GeoDorf Gams

With a length of 350 metres, the Kraus Cave in the Noth Gorge is a truly amazing place. What makes it so special is its countless small gypsum crystals and stalactites that sparkle in the light. [...]

Nature and Geopark Archive

The GeoVillage is rich in research and work on geology. In order to preserve this literature, research results and regional history, a nature and geopark archive was created as a supplement to [...]

Noth Gorge – GeoDorf Gams

The Noth Gorge is part of the GeoPfad (“path”). The entrance to this unique gorge is located near the GeoWerkstatt (“workshop”) and the Parkbad. Almost floating – that’s the first impression [...]

Palfau Wasserloch Gorge

The Palfau Wasserloch Gorge is one of Austria’s most remarkable natural phenomena. Be it narrow canyons, intoxicating waterfalls, in-depth insights or expansive views: the Wasserloch Gorge has [...]

SpringWater Museum

Those interested in following the path of the Viennese water supply from inside the mountain to the tap should definitely pay the Wildalpen SpringWater Museum a visit. Visiting one of the largest [...]

Stone & Time – Interpreter for geology

When you are on an adventure with stone-interpreter Wolfgang Riedl you get insights into nature and especially into Earth’s history. In his guided program „Geology on the plate“ you get [...]

Wildalpen Arzberg Cave

The protected Arzberg Cave is located near Wildalpen at 730 m above sea level at the northwest of the Arzberg mountain. On this tour, you’ll learn all about the Ice Age in the Salza valley. You [...]

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